Infiltration and Subversion

There are thousands of subversive organisations full of well meaning people who believe they are doing good. e.g. People who believe they are helping Africans by flooding Africa with free shoes & clothes but are unwittingly helping to destroy the African economy and its manufacturers, sending waves of migrants to Europe. Cause, effect, action and reaction.

Knowing what the bomb maker wants is more important than knowing what all the bag carriers think they are up to.

Infiltration: How it begins

It starts with a few who are usually quite helpful in the beginning as they are simply after power and trust. Once in a position of power they can begin recruiting others like them into the organisation whether government, church or commerce. The next step is to fill the top of the organisation with useful idiots, these people can be either totally blind to what's going on around them or be talked into some idiotic sub plot that makes them feel special and will make them protect the overall plot usually by calling dissenters racist or bigots etc.

The Sub Plots:

While the main plot is based on Deuteronomy there are many sub plots to keep the useful idiots happy. The problem with these is they are so totally stupid most normal people find them harder to believe than the main Deuteronomy plot.

1: Communism:

The communist plot is based on the fact a small number of very rich people benefit from a system that benefits them to the detriment of the ordinary worker, which is quite true. The belief is that the only way to change this system is to bring it down through subversion and revolution.

2: The universal peace models:

This plot has umpteen versions but all rest on the idea that racism and wars are caused by nationalism, particularly white nations. They will happily ignore African genocides and the reasons India was partitioned while believing that everyone loves everyone else and it's only racists standing between them and world peace. Because they believe white racists are the problem they happily agree to mass immigration, the brainwashing of the general population and the exclusion and criminalisation of dissenters. When you have enough useful idiots in an organisation they will begin exluding more sensible people. This is the most dangerous thing about the whole strategy is it favours fanatics, idiots and sociopaths and as a result gets increasingly extreme and out of control. The useful idiots are now fully implicated in a murderous plot with seemingly no way out. Incidentally this is why communist revolutions always end with them killing each other in large quantities.

3: Everything is normal:

The majority view, just go back to sleep. When even the majority can no longer ignore the total mess, communism steps in with the "solution".

4: Control the opposition:

Everything that pushes in the right direction helps, just leave them to it. After all the education process can't start with International Jewry because when it does no progress is ever made. Think of them as the tributaries that flow into a river. The exception here would be with a group advocating violence and spreading hate, the only thing they are going to succeed in doing is getting us all slaughtered a lot faster, without ever getting enough people to stop this. Anger is hard to control except by those who would exploit it, this is the real test. You have to want it enough to hold it together and not press the self destruct button. If you treat people as fellow victims you allow them to step aside, if you force them to resist they will. This is why traditionally resistance movements make members sign up to a code and have uniforms, organisation and good self discipline because without these things all you have is a mob. Ultimately real opposition wants to put an end to this madness while fake opposition wants to destroy us.

Subversion: Making nations ungovernable.

In December 2013 an attempt was made to do away with the The Treason Felony Act 1848 by lumping it with 309 offences to be repealed. Presumably they hoped no one would notice! Oops! Law chiefs accidentally ditch treason act.

Subversion takes many forms and is supposed to be "invisible", in that most people aren't even supposed to notice that something's wrong.

Minority rights

A couple of quotations here from Enoch's "Rivers of Blood" speech will do nicely.

"Now we are seeing the growth of positive forces acting against integration, of vested interests in the preservation and sharpening of racial and religious differences, with a view to the exercise of actual domination, first over fellow-immigrants and then over the rest of the population."

"For these dangerous and divisive elements the legislation proposed in the Race Relations Bill is the very pabulum they need to flourish. Here is the means of showing that the immigrant communities can organise to consolidate their members, to agitate and campaign against their fellow citizens, and to overawe and dominate the rest with the legal weapons which the ignorant and the ill-informed have provided. As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see "the River Tiber foaming with much blood."

The Churches

Infested with woolly liberals. As with politics, media, education and the police anyone not sufficiently politically correct will fail selection or be driven out. Or in fact be driven out during the selection process due to the stupidity of it all.

Local and national government

They create laws designed to protect the revolution not the people. They make the vast majority of people poorer while telling us the economy has grown, so everything is just fine. They borrow huge amounts from the Rothchilds with the aim of distributing it among themselves as wastefully as possible. They push the diversity agenda which discriminates against heterosexual whites. They start wars to make money from oil and weapons, which also wastes the lives of patriots. It's no accident so many ex-service men are jobless and homeless. It wouldn't be difficult to give them priority when it comes to council housing and council jobs but the game they play is all about excluding patriots, especially ones who know how to fight.

Mass Immigration

The lynch pin of the strategy. Not only does mass immigration escalate divide and conquer but it allows the earlier infiltrators to bring in laws effectively making it illegal/racist to question their motives. The side effects of mass immigration also assist the revolutionary strategy as supply and demand reduce wages and make property unaffordable.


Every major newspaper, magazine and television channel is controlled. They produce lies to cater for every brain type. Right wing working class the Sun, left wing working class the Mirror, right wing middle class the Telegraph, left wing middle class the Guardian and so on. Then there's the brainwashing, the pushing of miscegenation and gender confusion. Tolerance of destructive changes, putting a positive spin on the negative, inconsequential sequels of protest designed to make some believe somebody is doing something while the agenda just keeps rolling forward.

Films and music

When not promoting gender confusion and race mixing they deliberately do the exact opposite, which is to stir up ill feeling. Tarantino's Django Unchained like many other films was created to make blacks feel angry and whites feel guilty. They say they want unity and that diversity is strength but they know it's not what we are going to get.


While films and music ramp up on degeneracy the porn industry takes it to new levels. Fifty Shades of Grey wasn't ramped by the media by accident. When the collapse comes they need desperate people to accept their solution. True chaos requires degeneracy just as it requires division. Women and children will be the biggest victims of this type of subversive corruption.


The aim is to have lots of poor angry people fighting for communism. By encouraging gambling they can ruin many people while getting rich themselves.


After school children and useful idiot MPs the police are the most heavily brainwashed people in the country. The police see every day how degenerate society is becoming and they also see better than anyone else that multiculturalism is a disaster. The efforts put into making them believe all these problems are temporary and will eventually vanish are quite extraordinary. They've all heard of the Huguenots and how they integrated, it's just that nobody has pointed out to them that they were all French Protestants. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion tells the conspirators they should be increasing the size of the police force, but they aren't, they are making it smaller! This is simply because they have been unable to stuff the police with immigrants. If any police are reading this and "get it" don't resign, they'd love to replace you all with enthusiastic Somalis to hunt down all the "racists" for them.

As with most organisations the vast majority of people who join the police do so because they want to make society safe for its citizens. They are good people who are being used and lied to. They too are the victims of government lies and deception.The government wants you to hate the police because it wants to force the police to defend their "democracy" right up to the moment they intend to discard it and have those same police men and women savaged by a communist mob.

Gay rights

The gay rights lobby isn't about tolerance it's about undermining traditional family values. Infiltration into organisations by people pushing the gay rights agenda is also a problem. A traditional family consists of a married father and mother with children. While a new age family can be two married men/women and an adopted child. This idea along with the femininisation of men is then presented as perfectly normal and desirable, anyone disagreeing will find their job prospects limited.

Let's be clear on one important point, this process begins with the deliberate persecution of homosexuals. Men including Alan Turing rather than being left to keep their private lives private are deliberately targeted in order to whip up public sympathy allowing parliament to legalise homosexuality. Then follows all the rest from that, including the remarkably well funded anti homophobia industry, gay marriage, gay adoption and in your face lifestyle propaganda to "normlise" homosexuality and encourage young people to "experiment".


The subversion can be as subtle as wanting your daughter to think Kate Moss is some kind of positive role model. Or as unsubtle as Miley Cyrus.


State endorsed brainwashing of our children along with the teaching of dangerous lies is important to the conspiracy. With each new generation the brainwashing intensifies. Ever wondered why we produce too few doctors, engineers, construction workers and people with manufacturing skills, while nearly half of school leavers go onto higher education? Why do we train so many people in Mickey Mouse subjects and why does the education system produce so many people with degrees in media studies for which there are nothing like enough jobs?

Why do so many pupils leave school with no qualifications (16.67%) while nearly half go on to higher education, many of them doing subjects of no value to the economy? This isn't happening by accident but is a deliberate attempt to undermine our whole way of life and it provides the excuse needed to import workers to do the jobs our people should have been trained to do themselves.

Making Things Worse While Pretending To Make Them Better.

The subversive mind can have all kinds of sport at the expense of the people while figuring out how to make bad ideas look good, this is the craft of the spin doctor.

They changed the gambling laws saying it would create jobs. Gambling makes a small number of people rich while creating a small number of low paid jobs. The real reason for the change in the law was to make more people poor, and the poor poorer. Another Labour gem was to change the drinking laws saying it would lead to a "continental style cafe culture". The result as they really intended was more drunkenness and disorder. Paying higher benefits makes them look generous while it creates a client state. Combine this with the trashing of the education system and they can say our people are "lazy", "stupid" and "lack the necessary skills". They can then pretend to make things better by flooding the country with immigrants to do all things we used to do ourselves. This in turn lowers wages, increases the cost of housing and makes living off the state even more attractive. "Conservative MP" Ken Clarke said people didn't need to worry about mass immigration pushing down wages as we have a minimum wage. Perhaps that comment should come under stoking class hatred?

Debt as a Weapon

The strategy is simple. Rack up government debt, encourage materialism and therefore consumer debt, encourage people to remortgage their homes thus turning their biggest asset into a liability, effectivly making them poorer whilst making them think they are richer. Encourage all other means of making people indebted including the promotion of gambling. When the system implodes they can ruin as many people as possible. Not only do they need to keep the people ignorant but they need to make them poor. They can then claim capitalism (which their twisted version of it always would) has failed and communism is the solution.

Red Tories / "Blue" Labour

Ever wondered how stupid someone must be to want to help billionaires and giant corporations at the expense of the people? Some Tories may believe having the giant supermarkets monopolise food and other retail sales, squeezing producers until they can barely make money is a good thing, but only if they have passed the necessary stupidity and compliance tests needed to qualify as a useful idiot. Regulations are designed to disadvantage small companies because they don't really want large numbers of business owners, what they want is lots of people on low wages. This stifles competition not just in retail where the big supermarkets need breaking up but makes it harder for new producers who rather than starting out selling manageable quantities to local retailers are required to court the supermarkets usually with no luck and if the supermarkets are interested they will squeeze the price over time until margins are wafer thin and all the profits end up in the pockets of a few, like Lord Sainsbury who donated £16 million pounds to the Labour Party! Red Tories occasionally say things that make sense but only because they know nothing will come of it, or it's a case of too little too late. They may also just go back on their word (EU referendum) showing their contempt for the people they pretend to serve.


Capitalism comes in two forms one is good and one is evil. Good capitalism frees the individual to borrow money to buy a house or raise capital through loans or investors to start a business. Evil capitalism is pure market distortion, the market is neither free nor open but rigged to favour the 1%, while the vast majority gets poorer. Capitalism in it's current form is not making the people wealthier as it could and should but is bringing back a feudal system of low wages and unaffordable property where the people have to pay an ever increasing percentage of their wages in rent and living expenses.


Socialism should be about the provision of healthcare, education, council housing and a financial safety net for those who need it, it should also be about creating a society where the focus is not on materialism and self but on the collective good. Red socialism as implemented by Marxists is simply a revolutionary tool to disrupt a society and rack up government debt. As with everything else these deceivers do they have distorted something good and made it into something ugly on the inside. When the time comes sensible social policies will be a vital weapon when it comes to competing with the communists for the mob. A failure to understand this point would lead to a total disaster from which there would be no way back.

On Nationalising the banks: There is no reason why any individual/group of individuals should be able to own a business that can create money out of thin air.

On Nationalising the utilities: People should be able to buy cheap electricity and gas. If the government owns the infrastructure and production, gas and electricity can be sold to the people at cost of production, with the government paying the cost to build plants etc out of taxpayers money.

On Nationalising the railways and Post Office: These services can be run best by a government that isn't corrupt and deliberately trying to screw everything up. The services should be delivered to the public at cost.


Anyone really believe Tracy Emin and Damian Hurst are the best artists this country can produce? The art market is controlled to ensure only the talentless and degenerate prosper. Works requiring little imagination and even less skill in their execution are presented to the public as "works of genius". Hurst's sheep in formaldehyde? Emin's unmade bed complete with used condom?

Cleon Peterson got his "lucky break" and Tweeted “I’m extremely proud to have the opportunity to work with Ariane and Benjamin de Rothschild…” – April 3rd. Here's a sample of his exceptionally talentless and unpleasant work.